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If You Remove The Kind Protagonist’S Mask

Other name: 상냥한 남자주인공의 가면을 벗기면

Authors: Gong Il , Yeolha ,

Genres: Comedy Manga, Fantasy Manga, Historical Manga, Romance Manga, Shoujo Manga,

Status: Ongoing

Views: 33,106

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For the sake of survival, I kissed the protagonist and we became partners.But I just can’t believe that the ‘kind’ protagonist in the original novel was all an act!“If I kill you, this partner relationship will be broken.”“You can’t do that. We’ll both die at the same time.”We were tied together by a tightly shared fate.Sharing the same wounds, the same pain, the same life and death.Plus, we had to have physical contact for the symbiosis?When I found out about his mask, he was cruel to me with no hesitation.Unreasonable amounts of work, unreasonable demands…Why can’t I be with another man?“I’ve figured it out! How to break this partner relationship!”Now that my life would be safe, all that’s left is to get away―“I have no intentions of breaking it.”“…pardon?”“Just like you, I’m also curious.”He held me in his arms and his gaze slowly descended to my lips.“I’m curious about to what extent our pain will be shared.”

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If You Remove The Kind Protagonist’S Mask